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Teedaily FAQ

About TeeDaily

What is special about TeeDaily?

TeeDaily is not your run-of-the-mill T-shirt business. We act as a spring board for upcoming designers and artists – their designs get printed on our T-shirts. And when we say our T-shirts are Limited Edition, they really are Limited Edition. After 72 hours, they’re taken off the site, never to be sold again. Also, we’re more than a business: a portion of the revenue from the sale of each T-shirt goes towards supporting charitable causes. Because we believe in giving back to society.

How does TeeDaily work?

A T-shirt will be headlining TeeDaily every day. The artist whose design will be featured on the Tee of the Day will win amazing prizes and will be eligible for the Tee of the Week contest (see below for more details). These T-shirts will debut at the super affordable prize of $12 each and you’ll need to your hands on them real quick because after 72 hours, we’ll be taking them off the site.

How much do TeeDaily T-shirts cost?

All Tee of the Day T-shirts will be launched at the low, low price of $12 per shirt. After the first 24 hours have lapsed, the price will go up to $15 per shirt. Once it has been 48 hours since the T-shirt was launched, the T-shirt will then go up to $18 per shirt. And after 72 hours, we take it off the site. So to get the best deal, make sure you get them on the first day.

Who designs TeeDaily’s T-shirts?

Every TeeDaily T-Shirts you see featured on our website is the design of one of the many talented artists and designers who have joined the TeeDaily community and submitted their designs to us. If you’re someone who has mad designing skills, why, TeeDaily is the perfect place to showcase those skills! If we think your design is great, we’ll put it on T-shirts!

Are there any rewards for active members?

Of course they are! We reward everyone. Every day we’ll be giving two free Tee of the Day T-shirts (the T-shirts will be featuring the design on the current Tee of the Day). The first one will go to whoever manages to make the first comment on that day’s headlining T-shirt. Even if you aren’t the first one to make a comment, don’t be disappointed – the next four people to comment will get a 5% discount code for future purchases. The second Tee of the Day giveaway will go to the person that we’ve judged as making the “Best Comment of the Day”. So if your comment is really good and other members have started piling their votes on your comment, then you get that second free giveaway Tee of the Day. Also, the Top 3 Best Comments of the Day will all get a 5% discount code for future purchases.

Do you host contests? How can I participate?

Well, at TeeDaily, the party never truly ends. TeeDaily’s Tee of the Day Headlining T shirt contest is on every day, every week and every month, and all throughout the year. Here is how it works.

  1. Tee of the Day: Every day of the week, TeeDaily will select an amazing design to feature as the Tee of the Day. If your design gets chosen, you win 2 free T-shirts with your design on them and $1 from the sale of each T-shirt with your design on it.

  2. Tee of the Week: Once you win the Tee of the Day contest, you can compete with that week’s six Tee of the Day winners. The winner for Tee of the Week will be chosen based on the sales figures, the number of votes and positive comments received by each competitor. If you win the Tee of the Week, you get $300 in cash and become eligible for the next level of the competition.

  3. Tee of the Month: Once the month is over, you will compete with the 3 other Tee of the Week winners for that month. The factors that decide the winner are the same as those used to determine the Tee of the Week. If you win Tee of the Month, you get an amazing $700 and get the opportunity to enter the Tee of the Year competition, which will be held in 2012.

  4. Tee of the Year: You and 11 other Tee of the Month winners will compete in the grand finale – the Tee of the Year prize. Being one of the 12 contestants, you stand to win a whopping $11,000 in cash.

Shipping Information

How much is shipping going to cost?

Shipping prices will vary based on the weight of your shipment and the shipping method. For orders within the United States, shipping will start at $3 for the slowest shipping option. The prices will go up from there, based on the shipping option you choose. Make sure you read the shipping details regarding shipping transit times and trackability of your order.

How long will it take to get my order?

Once you place an order, it will take between 3 and 5 business days for us to print and process it. Your order will then be shipped as soon as it is processed. The time taken in transit for the shipment to be sent out from our warehouse and finally reaching your doorstep will vary, from a few days to a few weeks, depending on your chosen shipping method.

Can I track my order?

You will be able to track your order only if you have chosen a registered delivery option. If you have, you can track your order once your order is shipped. Be aware that tracking results may take several hours to get updated. You may also track your shipment by clicking on the tracker link provided in your shipment confirmation email.

What’s your return policy like?

If you’ve torn open the delivery package and taken out the T-Shirt, only to discover that it’s not the one your ordered or defective (tears, cuts, holes or similar), please contact us , making sure to provide us with your order number and contact details. All items must be returned within 30 days from the date or purchase, unwashed and unworn. We’ll provide you with return instructions based on the problem with the T-Shirt. In the event that we are unable to provide you with a replacement T-Shirt (see below), we will instead award you store credit for your next purchase. We do not do exchanges when the problem is that your chosen size does not fit you (please consult our sizing chart carefully before placing an order) or that you’ve suddenly decided that you don’t look so good in red after all. Please take note that due to the limited-edition nature of our T-Shirts, exchanges are usually not possible.

Product Information

What type of T-shirts do you print on?

We print on super-soft, high quality, regular and fashion fit T shirts, made of 100 percent ring spun cotton. You can find the specifics of the material used to make your T-shirt on the shirt’s detail page. Our T-shirts are super comfy and have great fit.

Do your T-shirts shrink?

The cotton T shirts will usually experience shrinkage of about 3 to 5 percent in the length and width. However, if you wash the T shirt with cold water and hang it out to dry, the shrinkage will be minimized.

How do you print your T-shirts?

Our T-shirts are printed using state-of-the-art screen printing technique (no heat transfers here!), and we may also use other standard apparel decoration processes, which include foil, appliqués, and so on. We use only water-based inks to print the design on our T shirts. These water-based inks are really eco-friendly and safer for your health, unlike the plastic-based inks commonly used on most T shirts.

TeeDaily Artist Information

How do artists benefit from TeeDaily?

TeeDaily acts as a launching pad to help budding artists and designers showcase their talent and creativity, and get recognition for their fantastic designs (as well as win prizes!). Designers and artists can create an online profile at TeeDaily and upload T-shirt designs for our fantastic Tee of the Day contests. And if their design gets selected, they get to show the world their mad designing skills and artistic prowess.

How can artists submit their designs to TeeDaily?

Our website has a ‘Submissions Page’ where artists can submit their designs. The Submissions Page includes detailed information regarding design submission and will take you through the entire process. So, what are you waiting for? Get your designs in and get noticed.

How do artists get paid for their designs?

When you get featured as the Headlining Artist for that day’s Tee of the Day, you will get two T-Shirts with your design on it (worth $24), and you’ll also be getting $1 from the sale of each T-shirt bearing your design. Also, you then enter the next level of the competition (Tee of the Week, see above for details), where you stand the chance to win $300. If you win the Tee of the Week, you enter the Tee of the Month competition, where you can win another $700, apart from entering into the final Tee of the Year competition. In the Tee of the Year competition, you stand to win a whopping $11,000 in cash.

Does the artist retain the rights of the design submitted to TeeDaily?

Once your T-shirt design gets featured on TeeDaily, it will be on sale for the next 72 hours. Once the 72 hours are up, or all of the T-shirts with your design on it have been sold, the rights of your design will be yours to use as you please.

How soon do artists get paid?

Artists and designers whose designs are featured on TeeDaily will be paid for the artwork within 7 days, starting from when their T-shirt gets taken off TeeDaily (after 72 hours from launch, or when their T-shirts are all sold off. The artist’s earning will be transferred through paypal. (For alternative arrangements, please contact us)

Sponsorship Information

How does it benefit my business if I become a sponsor?

Social Media 2.0 is here to stay. It’s become one of the most important marketing tools to have, and if you’re not already on social media and promoting your brand, you’re losing out when it comes to winning more business. TeeDaily can help your business or organization get noticed through social media and our products. TeeDaily has a large vibrant online community, offering your product or service broad exposure. And you don’t need to worry about paying thousands of dollars. You can be an art sponsor for as little as $2. We offer three levels of sponsorship for you to choose from:

1.Daily Sponsor
2.Monthly Sponsor
3.Platinum Sponsor

How much does a Daily Sponsor pay?

You can choose to buy spots on TeeDaily every day of the year. Buying a spot on the first day of any month costs only $2. The second day, the amount goes up to $20 and increases by $10 each day after that. This cycle is repeats itself each month. Once you buy a spot for a selected day, it will be displayed on the Tee of the Day page, along with the chosen T shirt, for the TeeDaily community to view.

How much does a Monthly Sponsor pay?

Buying a spot on TeeDaily every day of the month will cost you around $5,000. However, if you choose to become a monthly sponsor, you save 50% as you only have to pay $2,500. Your spot will be displayed on the Tee of the Day page every day of the month. You will also be mentioned in our blogs, Twitter account, Videocast, newsletter mailers and the other social marketing campaigns that we are running for that month.

How much does a Platinum Sponsor pay?

Buying a spot on TeeDaily every day of the year will cost you slightly more than $57,000. But if you choose to become a Platinum sponsor, you save a whopping $42,000, as you only need to pay $15,000 for the whole year. That means you save a staggering $42000 - that is a saving of close to 74%! Not only do you enjoy crazy savings, but you’ll also enjoy all the benefits of a monthly sponsorship: special mention in our newsletter mailers, blogs, Twitter account, Videocast and any other social marketing campaign and collateral projects that we’ve got on during the entire year.

How does my sponsorship make the world a better place?

We at TeeDaily believe in giving back to society. Your sponsorship not only helps the art world in getting budding artists and web designers started, but 20% of your chosen day’s payment will go towards TeeDaily’s Adopted Charity of the Month.

Charity Information

How does TeeDaily help make the world a better place?

TeeDaily is not just concerned with providing high quality products and helping artists. We’re also interested in making the world a better place, and we do so using our creativity and our T-shirts. Every month, we choose a charitable organization as our Adopted Charity of the Month and contribute a portion from the sales of our T-shirts to support the Charity’s cause(s).

What are the monetary benefits of being chosen as TeeDaily’s Adopted Charity of the Month?

Once your charity is selected as TeeDaily’s Adopted Charity of the Month, TeeDaily will contribute a portion of the sales of its T-shirts towards your organization or project. Here are the benefits:

  1. $1 from the first day sales of each Headlining T shirt will go towards the Adopted Charity of the Month.

  2. 20% of the amount paid to TeeDaily by the sponsors for that month’s sponsorship spots will go towards the Adopted Charity of the Month.

  3. Anyone buying TeeDaily T-shirts also gets the option to buy donation coupons when they are checking out. The proceeds from this will go towards the Adopted Charity of the Month.

How else does being chosen as TeeDaily’s Adopted Charity of the Month help?

After you have been chosen as TeeDaily’s Adopted Charity of the Month, we can help spread greater awareness about your charitable organization or project through our large community of designers, artists, T-shirt lovers and other fun loving members. Also, instead of one level of exposure, you’ll get multiple levels as our designers, artists and community members are rather social creatures and very active online. This means that they can really help spread the word about your cause and also enhance your reach exponentially. TeeDaily will also be work closely with your charitable organization to develop special projects and campaigns, with specific goals and targets to achieve. We will then share these with our community members so that they can take part and assist us in reaching those goals and targets.

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