Sun, May 27, 2018

Inspiration is Free, Put your Art on a Tee

If you’re a graphic designer or digital artists, TeeDaily is looking for you.

You’ll find a brand new Limited Edition T-shirt at TeeDaily every day, designed by fantastic artists and designers like yourself. Send us your best designs and you stand a chance to see them immortalized on the front of our Daily Limited Edition T-Shirts. Not only will you get rewarded with $120 worth of cash and prizes plus $1 for every T-shirt sold after the hundredth one, but you’ll be able experience the high of seeing your design be so popular with the fans that they’ll be selling like hotcakes! And guess what, the more T-shirts that get sold, the more your design will be contributing to our Adopted Charity of the Month and Community Chest.


How It Works

Each new Limited Edition T-Shirt will make its headlining debut at just $12, valid only for the next 24 hours. After that, the price will increase to $15 for the second day, and $18 on the third and final day. After 72 hours or once the T-shirts are completely sold out (whichever one occurs first, and we’re putting our money on the latter!), that’s it! The T-shirt will be gone. Forever. The design will no longer be sold on ever again. Finito.

That means buyers will only get 72 hours to buy your T-shirt before it’s no longer available at TeeDaily.

Now let's have TeeDaily's very own resident cat, Ted, run you through the entire process:

How It Works

What You Get from This

Here is an excellent opportunity for you to display your artistic talents, AND have fans clamouring to get your T-shirts before they run out.

And not only do you get fame and recognition, but you also stand to win up to $12,000 in cash!

The Tee of the Day Headlining Artist will receive:

+ $24 worth of T-shirts – You will get Two Copies of your own Tee of the Day T-Shirt, TeeDaily Winner’s Medal of Honor, Certificate and Bragging Rights (priceless!)

+ $1 from each sale of your Headlining T-Shirt

+ Automatic entry into the next level of the competition, Tee of the Week, where you stand to win $300. Winners of Tee of the Week will then be entered into the Tee of the Month competition, where the winner gets $700. Tee of the Month winners will then be entered into the Final Tee of the Year competition, where you stand to win up $11,000 in cash! To see further details, please go to our Competition Section.


Furthermore, after the 72 hour stint on TeeDaily, you’ll get to keep the full rights to your artwork and do whatever you wish for it. For any creative, that’s a very important thing to have.


Your Art Helps to Make the World A Better Place

Wait, things get even better! We here at TeeDaily believe in giving back to society and helping the less fortunate. $1 out of the proceeds of every T-shirt’s first day sales will go towards TeeDaily’s Adopted Charity of the Month. $1 out of the proceeds of every T-shirt’s second and third day sales will go inside our Community Chest, which we use to fund other important social causes and projects all throughout the year.


The Other Things You Can Do at TeeDaily

TeeDaily is a great spring board for up-and-coming artists and designers to showcase their work and get noticed. Artists and designers can easily create a profile, upload their designs and show the world their mad designs skills and smashing portfolio. You can also put a link to your website, blog and web store. Or you can list contact details and earn freelance gigs. Use our forums to post works-in-progress and get constructive feedback from our vocal community members.



Already have a winning design stashed somewhere that's yearning for public attention? Then wait no more and start submitting your master piece by visiting our submissions page to get your work noticed and headlined.

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