Sun, May 27, 2018

About Us

TeeDaily is a great springboard for up-and-coming artists and designers. On TeeDaily, they get to showcase their designs and get noticed. Artists and designers can create a profile, upload their designs and show the world their mad design skills and smashing portfolio. With our Daily Limited Edition T-Shirts, these cool cats get a chance to flaunt their artistic prowess AND win amazing cash and prizes, not to mention awesome bragging rights.

One of our core tenets here at TeeDaily is that art is for everyone. Even if you’re not a budding modern-day Michelangelo, get involved with TeeDaily’s vibrant online community; you’ll be able to get new T-Shirts on TeeDaily every day. All of our Limited Edition T-Shirts start off at just $12. After 72 hours, that’s it; you’ll never find them being sold on TeeDaily ever again. Post insightful comments and you might even win one of these great T-shirts.

TeeDaily also believes in helping the less fortunate, using art and creativity to give back to society. A percentage from the proceeds of each sale of our Limited Edition T-Shirts goes into our Community Chest, the contents of which will be used to contribute towards our Adopted Charity of the Month, as well as fund various causes and community projects throughout the year.

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